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Whiplash and Headache Treatment/Neck Release

This treatment takes the full hour, and treats every muscle in the neck, upper spine, and upper shoulders.  It is guaranteed to reduce neck pain immediately with minimal pain during treatment, as well as increase range of motion after 1 session. This is especially beneficial for those with new or chronic whiplash injuries.  I have treated clients with 20 year old whiplash, and they leave with restored range of motion!  This technique is also very successful on chronic headaches from muscle and tissue tension.  

Plantar Fasciitis/Retracted Toes 

Plantar fasciitis is caused by tight foot tendons and connective tissue, and causes extreme pain on the bottom of the foot when walking.  My gentle method will stretch and restore elasticity to the bottom of the foot, and reduce plantar fasciitis pain in just a few sessions.  Toe tendons can also become caught, causing "clawing" of the toes. Myofascial release can straighten out those toes again!

Hip Replacements/Tight Hips/Sciatic Pain

Hip replacements leave scarred and tightened tissues that can leave you at risk for further same hip replacements (I have a client who has had same hip replaced 3 times!).  I can release the hip and glute muscles and tissues to increase range of motion, and lessen future chances of further hip replacements.  Sciatic pain is often caused by tight tissues in the glutes, which can be released to relieve pressure off the nerve, reducing pain.


I am fully certified in intraoral treatment (using gloves, release the jaw muscles inside the mouth).  If you have TMJ or headaches, this treatment may really help relieve those symptoms.  We also employ a "shock therapy" treatment for those coming in with a headache (hot and cold therapy) that is very good for reducing headache pain by the end of the session.

Shoulder, Arm, and Hand Pain, Tingling, and Tightness

With prior training in Upper Extremities Active Release Techniques, I have successfully treated clients with tingling and numbness in the hands, throbbing arms, and helped to improve range of motion in the shoulders.